Animal welfare

Staphylococci are not only major pathogens in humans but also one of the most pathogenic bacteria in animals. In veterinary medicine the most important species are S. aureus, S. hyicus, and S. intermedius. They are very common and important cause  of disease in animals, including skin infections, dermatitis, mastitis, meningitis, osteomyelitis, food poisoning, and wound infections.

Auresine effectively eliminates all Staphylococcus species which cause diseases in animals: S. aureus, S. hyicus S. intermedius, S. uberis etc. (also antibiotic resistant strains). It can be used not only in bacteremia treatment but also as a preventive agent. Moreover the emergence of antibiotic-resistance in many bacterial strains stresses the importance of decreasing the use of antibiotics in animal production.


treatment of skin or ear infections in pets and production animals

wound infections treatment

mastitis prevention and treatment in livestock (dairy cattle, goats, ewes, swine, mares)