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19/11/2020 / News

We are hiring !!!

Developing our technology need qualified people. We are waiting for enthusiastic and communicative people. Candidates for PhD students are also...
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BioConvention Digital – 8-12 June, 2020

Meet AuresineTeam at BioConvention Digital, (8-12 June, 2020) to find out more about our technology via One-on-One Partnering system!  
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February 2020 – Portugal & Germany

Piotr Małecki had visited prof. Sergio Filipe Laboratory at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal to learn more about peptidoglycan analysis...
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Merry Christmas

We Wish You a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year Auresine Team
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Medica 2019 – Come and see us at Stand no. 16A21, Hall 16

Enzybiotics technology will be presented at the Medica 2019/Compamed 2019 Trade Fair, Dusseldorf 18-21 Nov 2019. It’s a great opportunity...
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Auresine team attended III Wound Management Forum, 10-12 October 2019, Karpacz, Poland

Our team members – Izabela Sabała and Elżbieta Jagielska – participated in The III Wound Management Forum. The Forum is...
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25/09/2019 / News

The Great Wall Symposium, 25-27 September 2019, Paris, France

Izabela Sabała and Alicja Wysocka participated in The  Great Wall Symposium. The conference took place at The Institut Pasteur in Paris....
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12/07/2019 / News

Auresine team attended Workshop on data collection and structure solving in macromolecular X-ray diffraction, 12-16.07.2019 – Cracow, Poland

Paweł Mitkowski and Alicja Wysocka – our PhD students - attended “Workshop on data collection and structure solving in macromolecular...
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04/07/2019 / News

Horizon 2020 Health Partnering Day 2019, 4.07.2019 – Brussels, Belgium

Izabela Sabała attended Horizon 2020 Health Partnering Day in Brussels, Belgium. The international partnering event enabled one-to-one meetings with potential...
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26/06/2019 / News

The last results of the project were presented at 60th Polish Crystallographic Meeting, 26-28.06.2019 – Wrocław, Poland

Our team member - Piotr Małecki, participated in 60th Polish Crystallographic Meeting, Wrocław.  The last results of the project were...
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14/06/2019 / News

The project was presented at 3rd SMB Symposium for PhD Students, 14.06.2019 – Dziekanów, Poland

Our PhD student – Paweł Mitkowski – participated in 3rd SMB Symposium for PhD Students, Dziekanów, Poland. He presented his...
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11/04/2019 / News

Auresine technology promoted at 3rd Interdisciplinary FNP Conference, 11-12.04.2019 – Warsaw, Poland

Izabela Sabała promoted Auresine technology at 3rd Interdisciplinary FNP Conference in Warsaw. The conference was addressed to the leaders of...
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15/03/2019 / News

The latest results of the project were presented at AMR Conference, 14-15.03.2019 – Berlin, Germany

The Auresine technology was promoted by Izabela Sabała during 3rd AMR Conference in Berlin. The ARM Conference aimed at bringing...
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10/03/2019 / News

Auresine technology presented at The bacterial cell envelope „A 12-YEAR-JOURNEY”, 10-13.03.2019 – Tybinga, Germany

Our team – Izabela Sabała and Alicja Wysocka – participated in The 6th International Symposium on "The Bacterial Cell Envelope:...
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28/09/2018 / News

The latest results of the project were presented at The Lysing Meeting, New York, USA

Elżbieta Jagielska attended The Lysing Meeting (3-8 Nov 2018) in New York, USA and presented recent results on peptidoglycan recognition...
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23/08/2018 / News

Recent Auresine project achievements were presented at ISSSI Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark

Izabela Sabała attended the ISSSI meeting (Internal Symposium on Staphylococci and Staphylococcal infections) in Copenhagen, Denmark (August 23-26, 2018) and...
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09/07/2018 / News

Recent research achievement presented at EMBO Workshop, Poland

Izabela Sabała and Elżbieta Jagielska presented recent research results at EMBO Workshop „Viruses of Microbes” in Wrocław, Poland.
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11/06/2018 / News

Auresine technology to be presented at EMBO Workshop, Switzerland

Izabela Sabała has attended the EMBO Workshop - Bacterial persistence and antimicrobial therapy 2018 - in Ascona (June 11-15, 2018),...
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12/03/2018 / News

Auresine team attended partnering conference Bio-Europe Spring, Amsterdam 2018

Izabela Sabała and Elżbieta Jagielska attended partnering event in Amsterdam where they met global and local companies from biotechnology, pharmacy...
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27/09/2017 / News

MINIATURA grant for Elżbieta Jagielska

Dr. Elżbieta Jagielska, Senior Scientist at the Auresine project, has received funding under the MINIATURA 1 scheme organized by the...
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11/09/2017 / News

Auresine technology at Eurobiotech Congress in Cracow, Poland

Izabela Sabała and Elżbieta Jagielska presented results of our research and Auresine technology potential at Eurobiotech Congress in Cracow, Poland....
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21/06/2017 / News

Izabela Sabała was awarded with TEAM-TECH grant

Dr Izabela Sabała was awarded with grant by Foundation for Polish Science in TEAM-TECH program for the project „INFECTLESS: New...
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07/03/2017 / News

Auresine won 3rd place in the “Closer to people” competition

Auresine project (“We sell license to kill Staphylococcus”) won 3rd place in the Life Sciences & Healthcare category in the...
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10/11/2016 / News

Auresine to present at 1st International Symposium on Antimicrobial Hydrolytic Enzymes, Rockefeller University, New York, USA

Dr Izabela Sabała presented poster: „Structural studies of M23 enzymes and their potential applications„ in which she presented results of...
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07/11/2016 / News

Izabela Sabała a finalist at Darboven Idee Grant

Dr Izabela Sabała took part in the competition for Polish business women in the best idea for innovative business and...
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27/10/2016 / News

Auresine awarded Silver Medal at iENA 2016

Izabela Sabała, Elżbieta Jagielska and Matthias Bochtler were awarded the SILVER MEDAL for “Auresine – new way to combat staphylococcus”...
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01/08/2016 / News

Results of our research were published in Microbial Drug Resistance

Elzbieta Jagielska, Olga Chojnacka, and Izabela Sabała, „LytM Fusion with SH3b-Like Domain Expands Its Activity to Physiological Conditions” Microb Drug...
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20/07/2016 / News

Dr Izabela Sabała one of two laureates of the VI edition of “Innovation is a woman” competition

Dr. Izabela Sabała, head of the Auresine project, was awarded for the biotechnological applications of bacteriolytic enzyme. As a reward,...
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26/06/2016 / News

Auresine to present at Gordon Research Conference Bacterial Cell Surfaces in Mount Snow, VT, USA

Dr Elżbieta Jagielska presented poster with results of our research on interactions of cell targeting domains with peptidoglycan network, „Peptidoglycan...
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